Advertisings can affect your kid´s health

Advertising is effective when it comes to create new categories on what someone needs but still isn’t sure yet. Advertising is a way to express something. Kids receive many messages through the media based on advertises. Some advertises have schedule restrictions.

No matter the fact that there are schedule restrictions, there´s the possibility that they watch some shows that aren´t for kids. Parents need to be conscious that they are the ones who control what their children see on TV. A kid can´t watch inappropriate shows, parents are the ones who draw the line there.

For more that you try, it´s impossible to avoid the exposure to advertisings to kids. That´s why parents play an important role when it comes to kids understanding the true meaning behind advertises, no matter if it is positive or negative. This task requires a lot of patience and creativity.

A 10 year old kid can watch different stuffs on TV than 5 year old kid won´t. For example, girls will see a commercial where another girl is putting on make-up or that isn’t wearing age appropriate clothes. That´s when parents should teach them what pieces of clothing are appropriate for their age or how to wear them.
Is common that parents have issues at home about the commercials kids see on TV because they are going against the moral message the want to give to their children. What´s the best way to avoid this kind of dilemma?

Noticing that conflicts between parents and their children are inevitable and that kids want to expand their world, the parent´s role is to draw reasonable and safe limits.
However, the attitude of the kid is going to depend on the communication and the way that parents ask them to do things and of course, of the kind of relationship with their parents. You need to create a synergy between confidence, communication and the limits.

To reduce the impact of advertisings on your kids, first, make sure to watch TV with them, that way you can help them create the habit of questioning everything they see on television. Also, explain them the reasons behind commercials (entertain, persuade, inform), that way they will understand the subliminal messages of it.
Another advice is that you explain your kid what he can ask for before you go to the store. That will help him control his expectations.
Is important that parents teach their children from a young age to read the nutritional facts, that way they will know what´s on their food and when they grow, they won´t buy things just because they saw them on TV.