Don’t let your kid forget his breakfast

Early morning activities, physical or intellectual that kids make, require a lot of energy. That’s why they need to have breakfast for better efficiency. The calorie amount that a breakfast needs will be the 25% of the total diet, while lunch has to be the 30%, dinner the 30% and the rest would be equal to snacks during the day (15%).

Some nutritionists consider that breakfast can condition the learning process of the kid. Actually, professors can easily identify which students haven’t had breakfast; they notice it because they have less energy than the others.

On the other hand, a well-balanced breakfast helps prevent child obesity. Some studies shown that obesity cases are superior on persons that don’t have breakfast. This happens because when lunch time arrives, you will be so hungry that the first thing you will want will be fatty foods.

The bad distribution of the meals will also increase the chances of the body absorbing the fat instead of burning it. And the lack of energy limits game time.

Even though breakfast is an important meal, is common that people forget about it. The big issue is when kids have late night dinners and go to sleep late, the consequence is that the next day they will wake up just to go to school and will forget about breakfast.

Kids remember the habits that they see the most and also listen, if they see that breakfast isn’t considered, they won’t considerer it.

When making breakfast for your kid, remember that it needs to have some dairy, a cereal and a fruit.

Sometimes it can have included some low fat sausage. Dairy contribute proteins, calcium and vitamins A, D and B.  The farinaceous contribute carbohydrates. And the fruits contribute carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber. It’s recommended to change the combinations of these three groups of foods.

For example, when you use dairy don’t limit yourself to just milk, you can alternate it with fresh cheese or yogurt.

Here are some golden rules:

  • Remember that beside the content, the way you give breakfast to your kids is also important. Give them at least 15 minutes.
  • Have breakfast with your children. Psychologies recommend that is better that kids don’t have breakfast alone.
  • The place matters. Avoid that they have breakfast while sitting on the couch, remember that you are also educating your children.
  • Avoid giving them an excessive amount of food, be to monotonous, punish them or threatening them if they don’t eat.