Early Childhood celebrates its traditional Cultural Week

Early Childhood students enjoyed an extraordinary Dominican Cultural Week, as they celebrated the National Independence Day of the Dominican Republic, this past February 27.

Students shared a whole week participating in numerous activities allowing them to appreciate and learn more about the cultural traditions celebrated in the Dominican Republic. They were able to presence the visit of Mayor League Baseball players, whom are part of the New Horizons family to commemorate National Sports Day.

Another fascinating experience was being in contact with the Dominican typical vendors where students got the opportunity to taste the delicious fruits, coconuts, coconut sweets, frozen ice cones, candy from the lollipop stand, nuts, and even clean their shoes with a shoe shiner.

In addition, all students enjoyed musical presentations, which included a short talk and demonstration of our typical Dominican music with the presence of professional Folklore Ballet dancers.

To end our Cultural week students got the opportunity to get a good taste of our Dominican gastronomy as they shared a delicious Dominican breakfast meal with their friends.