How to study at home

Parents need to be conscious of several characteristics like choosing an adequate room, having the school supplies they need, read slowly, underline the main ideas, make questions, resume and review what their children have learned.

The way kids study at home is important for their academic´s performance. The first technique parents can use is compressive reading; this will always be the first step to identify what the homework is about. After that, the underlining technique will help to distinguish the main ideas.

A good method to study at home for the little ones is to use schemes, and graphic representations of the texts. At the end, remember that a short resume with the own voice of a parent can help children to understand much better.

Help your children to elaborate a study plan, this can help them to have a clear idea of the work they have to do and of the hours they need to accomplish that. You can follow the next advises:

  • Choosing, the kids for themselves, a study hour without waiting the indications of their parents.
  • Find an appropriate place. Study at the same hour at the same place.
  • Before starting to study, find every school supply they need and plan what they are going to do first.
  • Dedicate at least an hour a day to study every day.
  • Do more than one activity.
  • Have some breaks. A little pause between every activity, that way the kid won’t get tired.
  • Make something to eat and some drinks when they get a break.
  • Start studying the most difficult signatures or topics and finish with the easiest ones.