Magistrate Mariano Germán gives conference to New Horizon’s students

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The president of the Supreme Court of Justice, magistrate Mariano German, spoke to 11th and 12th grade students from the New Horizons Bilingual School. In the occasion he explained the three branches of the state.

The directors of the school were in the conference too, the judge explained important topics for every citizen like the three branches of the state and their categories like how the Supreme Court is conformed in the Dominican Republic and its evolution, he spoke about the Constitution and the modifications that it has had and he also explained some technical topics of Law.

The also professor, emphasized in the importance of the Judicial Branch, he said that it is important because of the human nature, human nature is the cause of conflicts and that’s why it is important the existence of courts, “to administrate justice and to break the disequilibrium and go back to a state of peace”.

When a student questioned him about what he think of the low education in this country, he affirmed that the Dominican Republic is not as advanced as developed countries but it is a good nation, with natural wealth and values, and “that is wellness”.