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Math program at New Horizons

The New Horizons Math program seeks to give our students skills in higher-level math thinking through a diverse and integrating program in which they meet with tools and activities that challenge them to use problem solving techniques, reasoning, self-assessment skills, teamwork abilities, online resources and computer software. Our learning outcomes are defined to give our students the competencies required in this 21st century.

Our Math curricula are based on the Common Core Standards as a minimum, but give teachers the flexibility to expand it according to students’ abilities. Students are taught finance and business skills to a competition levels and participate in several activities nationally. For those students who like to go the extra mile, the school offers Pre-AP and AP Math courses where they can experience Math to a deeper level and obtain University credits.

During the school year, a Math Olympics competition is carried on as part of the after school Math Club and students have the opportunity to participate in international Mathematics competitions like the AMC and Caribou contests, where they are matched against other students worldwide. Through the work of the Math Club, the school has a long-standing history of winning the National Math Olympics organized by MINERD.


Mathematics is the deductive science that is dedicated to the study of the properties of abstract entities and their relationships. This means that mathematics works with numbers, symbols, geometric figures, etc.



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