New Horizons Bilingual School achieved position #5 in Harvard Debate

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons reached position #5 in the 42nd Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament”, which is organized every year in the Harvard University campus located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This event gathers about five thousand students from different parts of the world.  Our CBNH debate team was only surpassed by Asian delegations, being among the top eight teams represented with the participation of  Juan Alcántara y Gerard Pelegrín. Another member of our debate team, Sócrates Álvarez was also recognized as “Best Speaker” in the individual awards category. Alvarez was one of the only Latin American speakers whom received this recognition during the event.

Our school debate delegation counted with a total of 16 debate teams whom won 27 rounds. Our team also stood out for being the only Dominican school to classify during the final eliminating rounds phase. The team members attending the event were required to have a vast preparation in the discussed topic concerning the creation of a tax on carbon emissions. The debate team members received lots of praise from the judges for their quality, solidarity and depth of their arguments, “Months of preparation and hard work paid off”, explained professor Arturo Féliz Camilo, debate team coach and head leader for teachers and parents involved in the event.