New Horizons will be the host of an international Math Competition in D.R.

Santo Domingo. Dom.Rep. Colegio bilingue New Horizons, who has been winning local and international math competitions for over 20 years, will be hosting the most recognized international math competition: “The American Math Competition”.

It’s the first time that the Dominican Republic participates in this competition since the norms that require that each country have an institution that guarantees the quality of the process were changed, this year The New Horizons School obtained that responsibility. With the results of the exams–that are imparted in English and are multiple choice– is possible to enter to the international classification according to the individual results of the students, the collective results of an institution or the results as a country. If any of the Dominican participants stays as one of the best of the world, he would pass to a second round that is invitations only.

“The exams of the American Math Competition are worldwide, standard and are given at the same day and at the same time; that way, the students in this competition will be evaluated with the same international rigor in order for this to be like some kind of quality control of mathematics teaching”, explains Alejandra Monroy, coordinator of the Math Competition in this country.

This competition will be divided in two levels AMC 10 (for 9th and 10th grade students) and AMC 12 (for 11th and 12th grade students), in order to evaluate the academic math level of students from all over the world. During the days of the competition, February 7 and 15, students from several countries will get the same evaluation.

“The participation in this kind of test gives a value to the student´s profile because all universities on the world acknowledge these results, making easier to obtain scholarships and admissions. “ Monroy says.

The deadline for registration is January 20th. To be able to sign in you must pay (500 Dominican pesos) on the school´s registration department or through the online registration system.

Students who are interested can request information to the email: