Teach them how to read from a young age

Having your kids to learn the importance of that is not so simple: is for everyone but with conditions. The importance of reading on kids is based on its benefits when it comes to study and acquire knowledge.

The family needs to prepare the children before, during and after the kids learn how to read.

The recommendation is to put the kid in contact with books since he is 1 year old. At this age, is advisable to read stories with big pictures and short texts that will be expanding when the reader want. It is worth to read with the little ones and tell them stories because the results can be so positive.

In the short term, reading allows to nourish the relationship adult-kid. In this relationship that involves the kid, the adult and the book, parents are the ones in charge of astound their children with the wonderful world of books. These reading moments are so gratifying because they are full of affectivity.

When you familiarize the kid with the texts, he will experiment the magic of words and when he get to school he will feel like reading is such an important activity he needs to do.

Another advantage of reading is that images and texts will help the kid see the world and he will be in charge of what´s surrounding him.  Books will advance and bring him new experiences.

Reading helps the kid to develop several mental skills:

  • The kid will be able to tell the story you had read just following the images.
  • Through the reading he heard, the kid will be able to expand his vocabulary.
  • Abstraction capacity. The kid relates the objects he had seen in reality with the representation of the same objects on illustrations.
  • Starting from the images and texts, the kid starts building his own representation, he starts building a reality in his mind.

Some ideas to motivate them:

1-A seven year old kid don’t understand every book. If he doesn’t understand what he is reading, he won’t be able to develop an authentic reader activity. It’s recommendable to read which books are age appropriate for your kid when it comes to buying new books.

2- A new reader needs a text that it’s appropriated for his capacity.

3-You need to let your kid choose his readings. If he doesn’t end a tale, maybe it’s not because he is lazy or inconstant, maybe he just got confused with his choice. He will have many opportunities in his scholar and familiar life to find interesting topics.

It’s advisable that you keep helping your kids with the texts, because his reading might be difficult and slow causing the communication to stop. You can not confuse scholar reading that is a progression exercise with pleasure reading.

On pleasure reading the kid can get wrong, misunderstand the topic. It doesn’t matter. He will correct himself. Pleasure reading is very positive.

Reading is a habit that you difficultly acquire as an adult, that’s why is recommendable to start in childhood.