The right time for your kid to become conscious about the environment

When a kid is assigned to plant a small seed of bean to actually see the growth process and to learn how to take care of it, this is the first step to become conscious about the importance of trees.

This activity will teach the kids responsibility and to be kind to the plants because they will be in charge of the whole process. This is where everything begins.

 With simple actions like this one, kids learn how to take care of the environment and all their natural resources. They also learn how to take care of an actual living being.

There are many days where parents can do these activities with their children and motivate them to take care of the environment, those days are: Tree day, Earth day, and World Environment day.

It is possible to teach them to take care of the environment without a context, however, it´s better that they kids learn why this is so important, what they can do to help. That´s why is always recommendable to teach and explain them why they need to do activities that promote the care of the environment and how positive it is.

Up next, we´ll give you some advices to start these activities with your children:

  1. Teach them to save water; the main thing is to teach them how to not waste it. Tell them to not let the water running while they are brushing their teeth or putting soap before taking a shower.
  2. Separate the residues on different trash cans. You can paint the trash cans with different colors to identify the kind of residues that are going in there. This activity should be taught not only at home but also in school to make this a habit.

The kid need to learn about recycling but is imperative that they learn to not mess up the environment, that they use trash cans instead of throwing garbage to the floor. They have to understand that the environment is for everyone, and that when they do this, they are collaborating to maintain the streets, parks and schools clean.

  1. Parents most teach their children to turn off electrical devices when they are not using it.
  1. Teach them to take advantage of natural light. Solar light is healthier for them.
  1. Use boxes, fabrics or any other article to make homemade decorations or toys. This is a fun activity for the kids and with this you are teaching them that they can recycle any object and turn it into a toy.

Parents need to remember that the interaction with nature will always be positive for the kids and not only that; this will help them to create positive values about the environment. There are many activities that parents can do to motive their children to take care of what´s surrounding them and these can be done at school and at their home.

Field trips allow them to interact in a direct way with nature. They have two things there: the excitement of the trip and the opportunity to learn new stuff and to actually see them with their own eyes, turning it into an experience they will never forget.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the kids see the adults doing activities to preserve the environment and that they also do those activities.