New Horizons will be the host of an international Math Competition in D.R.

Santo Domingo. Dom.Rep. Colegio bilingue New Horizons, who has been winning local and international math competitions for over 20 years, will be hosting the most recognized international math competition: “The American Math Competition”.

It’s the first time that the Dominican Republic participates in this competition since the norms that require that each country have an institution that guarantees the quality of the process were changed, this year The New Horizons School obtained that responsibility. With the results of the exams–that are imparted in English and are multiple choice– is possible to enter to the international classification according to the individual results of the students, the collective results of an institution or the results as a country. If any of the Dominican participants stays as one of the best of the world, he would pass to a second round that is invitations only.

“The exams of the American Math Competition are worldwide, standard and are given at the same day and at the same time; that way, the students in this competition will be evaluated with the same international rigor in order for this to be like some kind of quality control of mathematics teaching”, explains Alejandra Monroy, coordinator of the Math Competition in this country.

This competition will be divided in two levels AMC 10 (for 9th and 10th grade students) and AMC 12 (for 11th and 12th grade students), in order to evaluate the academic math level of students from all over the world. During the days of the competition, February 7 and 15, students from several countries will get the same evaluation.

“The participation in this kind of test gives a value to the student´s profile because all universities on the world acknowledge these results, making easier to obtain scholarships and admissions. “ Monroy says.

The deadline for registration is January 20th. To be able to sign in you must pay (500 Dominican pesos) on the school´s registration department or through the online registration system.

Students who are interested can request information to the email:

With the show “Christmas at the Jungle”, Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons said good-bye to 2017

Santo Domingo. With a show that recreated a Christmas party at the jungle with all the animals, the New Horizons celebrated the most colorful time of the year with the little ones as the main characters.

Dressed like little monkeys, leopards, bears, lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, reindeers and much more, first and second graders danced and sang traditional songs of the season like: “Feliz Navidad”. They made special musical arrangements for the show like: “Vamos en un Safari”, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” and “Christmas Hip Hop”, Christmas poems and villager dances, putting the whole audience to dance and applaud from the beginning until the end of the show.

Preschoolers delighted all the audiences – including the ones who were present and the ones who were absent, because all the presentations were streaming live, covering several countries like Uruguay, Spain, New York­– with acts that were from sweet to sublime, with pieces like “Jingle Bells Rocks”, “Esta Navidad Mi Deseo Eres Tú”, “El Niño del Tambor” and much more.

During the two nights of the event that were celebrated at the Sports Hall of the institution, the presentations of the little ones were anticipated with the intervention of the New Horizons’ Youth Choir, New Horizon´s group of flutes. To close the event teacher Kamila Taveras, interpreted the songs “Feliz Navidad” and “Hallelujah” with the kids.

The scenography was in charge of the teachers from art school, directed by Kamila Taveras and the architect Viki Espinal.

The right time for your kid to become conscious about the environment

When a kid is assigned to plant a small seed of bean to actually see the growth process and to learn how to take care of it, this is the first step to become conscious about the importance of trees.

This activity will teach the kids responsibility and to be kind to the plants because they will be in charge of the whole process. This is where everything begins.

 With simple actions like this one, kids learn how to take care of the environment and all their natural resources. They also learn how to take care of an actual living being.

There are many days where parents can do these activities with their children and motivate them to take care of the environment, those days are: Tree day, Earth day, and World Environment day.

It is possible to teach them to take care of the environment without a context, however, it´s better that they kids learn why this is so important, what they can do to help. That´s why is always recommendable to teach and explain them why they need to do activities that promote the care of the environment and how positive it is.

Up next, we´ll give you some advices to start these activities with your children:

  1. Teach them to save water; the main thing is to teach them how to not waste it. Tell them to not let the water running while they are brushing their teeth or putting soap before taking a shower.
  2. Separate the residues on different trash cans. You can paint the trash cans with different colors to identify the kind of residues that are going in there. This activity should be taught not only at home but also in school to make this a habit.

The kid need to learn about recycling but is imperative that they learn to not mess up the environment, that they use trash cans instead of throwing garbage to the floor. They have to understand that the environment is for everyone, and that when they do this, they are collaborating to maintain the streets, parks and schools clean.

  1. Parents most teach their children to turn off electrical devices when they are not using it.
  1. Teach them to take advantage of natural light. Solar light is healthier for them.
  1. Use boxes, fabrics or any other article to make homemade decorations or toys. This is a fun activity for the kids and with this you are teaching them that they can recycle any object and turn it into a toy.

Parents need to remember that the interaction with nature will always be positive for the kids and not only that; this will help them to create positive values about the environment. There are many activities that parents can do to motive their children to take care of what´s surrounding them and these can be done at school and at their home.

Field trips allow them to interact in a direct way with nature. They have two things there: the excitement of the trip and the opportunity to learn new stuff and to actually see them with their own eyes, turning it into an experience they will never forget.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the kids see the adults doing activities to preserve the environment and that they also do those activities.

Advertisings can affect your kid´s health

Advertising is effective when it comes to create new categories on what someone needs but still isn’t sure yet. Advertising is a way to express something. Kids receive many messages through the media based on advertises. Some advertises have schedule restrictions.

No matter the fact that there are schedule restrictions, there´s the possibility that they watch some shows that aren´t for kids. Parents need to be conscious that they are the ones who control what their children see on TV. A kid can´t watch inappropriate shows, parents are the ones who draw the line there.

For more that you try, it´s impossible to avoid the exposure to advertisings to kids. That´s why parents play an important role when it comes to kids understanding the true meaning behind advertises, no matter if it is positive or negative. This task requires a lot of patience and creativity.

A 10 year old kid can watch different stuffs on TV than 5 year old kid won´t. For example, girls will see a commercial where another girl is putting on make-up or that isn’t wearing age appropriate clothes. That´s when parents should teach them what pieces of clothing are appropriate for their age or how to wear them.
Is common that parents have issues at home about the commercials kids see on TV because they are going against the moral message the want to give to their children. What´s the best way to avoid this kind of dilemma?

Noticing that conflicts between parents and their children are inevitable and that kids want to expand their world, the parent´s role is to draw reasonable and safe limits.
However, the attitude of the kid is going to depend on the communication and the way that parents ask them to do things and of course, of the kind of relationship with their parents. You need to create a synergy between confidence, communication and the limits.

To reduce the impact of advertisings on your kids, first, make sure to watch TV with them, that way you can help them create the habit of questioning everything they see on television. Also, explain them the reasons behind commercials (entertain, persuade, inform), that way they will understand the subliminal messages of it.
Another advice is that you explain your kid what he can ask for before you go to the store. That will help him control his expectations.
Is important that parents teach their children from a young age to read the nutritional facts, that way they will know what´s on their food and when they grow, they won´t buy things just because they saw them on TV.

Don’t let your kid forget his breakfast

Early morning activities, physical or intellectual that kids make, require a lot of energy. That’s why they need to have breakfast for better efficiency. The calorie amount that a breakfast needs will be the 25% of the total diet, while lunch has to be the 30%, dinner the 30% and the rest would be equal to snacks during the day (15%).

Some nutritionists consider that breakfast can condition the learning process of the kid. Actually, professors can easily identify which students haven’t had breakfast; they notice it because they have less energy than the others.

On the other hand, a well-balanced breakfast helps prevent child obesity. Some studies shown that obesity cases are superior on persons that don’t have breakfast. This happens because when lunch time arrives, you will be so hungry that the first thing you will want will be fatty foods.

The bad distribution of the meals will also increase the chances of the body absorbing the fat instead of burning it. And the lack of energy limits game time.

Even though breakfast is an important meal, is common that people forget about it. The big issue is when kids have late night dinners and go to sleep late, the consequence is that the next day they will wake up just to go to school and will forget about breakfast.

Kids remember the habits that they see the most and also listen, if they see that breakfast isn’t considered, they won’t considerer it.

When making breakfast for your kid, remember that it needs to have some dairy, a cereal and a fruit.

Sometimes it can have included some low fat sausage. Dairy contribute proteins, calcium and vitamins A, D and B.  The farinaceous contribute carbohydrates. And the fruits contribute carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber. It’s recommended to change the combinations of these three groups of foods.

For example, when you use dairy don’t limit yourself to just milk, you can alternate it with fresh cheese or yogurt.

Here are some golden rules:

  • Remember that beside the content, the way you give breakfast to your kids is also important. Give them at least 15 minutes.
  • Have breakfast with your children. Psychologies recommend that is better that kids don’t have breakfast alone.
  • The place matters. Avoid that they have breakfast while sitting on the couch, remember that you are also educating your children.
  • Avoid giving them an excessive amount of food, be to monotonous, punish them or threatening them if they don’t eat.

How to study at home

Parents need to be conscious of several characteristics like choosing an adequate room, having the school supplies they need, read slowly, underline the main ideas, make questions, resume and review what their children have learned.

The way kids study at home is important for their academic´s performance. The first technique parents can use is compressive reading; this will always be the first step to identify what the homework is about. After that, the underlining technique will help to distinguish the main ideas.

A good method to study at home for the little ones is to use schemes, and graphic representations of the texts. At the end, remember that a short resume with the own voice of a parent can help children to understand much better.

Help your children to elaborate a study plan, this can help them to have a clear idea of the work they have to do and of the hours they need to accomplish that. You can follow the next advises:

  • Choosing, the kids for themselves, a study hour without waiting the indications of their parents.
  • Find an appropriate place. Study at the same hour at the same place.
  • Before starting to study, find every school supply they need and plan what they are going to do first.
  • Dedicate at least an hour a day to study every day.
  • Do more than one activity.
  • Have some breaks. A little pause between every activity, that way the kid won’t get tired.
  • Make something to eat and some drinks when they get a break.
  • Start studying the most difficult signatures or topics and finish with the easiest ones.

Teach them how to read from a young age

Having your kids to learn the importance of that is not so simple: is for everyone but with conditions. The importance of reading on kids is based on its benefits when it comes to study and acquire knowledge.

The family needs to prepare the children before, during and after the kids learn how to read.

The recommendation is to put the kid in contact with books since he is 1 year old. At this age, is advisable to read stories with big pictures and short texts that will be expanding when the reader want. It is worth to read with the little ones and tell them stories because the results can be so positive.

In the short term, reading allows to nourish the relationship adult-kid. In this relationship that involves the kid, the adult and the book, parents are the ones in charge of astound their children with the wonderful world of books. These reading moments are so gratifying because they are full of affectivity.

When you familiarize the kid with the texts, he will experiment the magic of words and when he get to school he will feel like reading is such an important activity he needs to do.

Another advantage of reading is that images and texts will help the kid see the world and he will be in charge of what´s surrounding him.  Books will advance and bring him new experiences.

Reading helps the kid to develop several mental skills:

  • The kid will be able to tell the story you had read just following the images.
  • Through the reading he heard, the kid will be able to expand his vocabulary.
  • Abstraction capacity. The kid relates the objects he had seen in reality with the representation of the same objects on illustrations.
  • Starting from the images and texts, the kid starts building his own representation, he starts building a reality in his mind.

Some ideas to motivate them:

1-A seven year old kid don’t understand every book. If he doesn’t understand what he is reading, he won’t be able to develop an authentic reader activity. It’s recommendable to read which books are age appropriate for your kid when it comes to buying new books.

2- A new reader needs a text that it’s appropriated for his capacity.

3-You need to let your kid choose his readings. If he doesn’t end a tale, maybe it’s not because he is lazy or inconstant, maybe he just got confused with his choice. He will have many opportunities in his scholar and familiar life to find interesting topics.

It’s advisable that you keep helping your kids with the texts, because his reading might be difficult and slow causing the communication to stop. You can not confuse scholar reading that is a progression exercise with pleasure reading.

On pleasure reading the kid can get wrong, misunderstand the topic. It doesn’t matter. He will correct himself. Pleasure reading is very positive.

Reading is a habit that you difficultly acquire as an adult, that’s why is recommendable to start in childhood.