How to study at home

Parents need to be conscious of several characteristics like choosing an adequate room, having the school supplies they need, read slowly, underline the main ideas, make questions, resume and review what their children have learned.

The way kids study at home is important for their academic´s performance. The first technique parents can use is compressive reading; this will always be the first step to identify what the homework is about. After that, the underlining technique will help to distinguish the main ideas.

A good method to study at home for the little ones is to use schemes, and graphic representations of the texts. At the end, remember that a short resume with the own voice of a parent can help children to understand much better.

Help your children to elaborate a study plan, this can help them to have a clear idea of the work they have to do and of the hours they need to accomplish that. You can follow the next advises:

  • Choosing, the kids for themselves, a study hour without waiting the indications of their parents.
  • Find an appropriate place. Study at the same hour at the same place.
  • Before starting to study, find every school supply they need and plan what they are going to do first.
  • Dedicate at least an hour a day to study every day.
  • Do more than one activity.
  • Have some breaks. A little pause between every activity, that way the kid won’t get tired.
  • Make something to eat and some drinks when they get a break.
  • Start studying the most difficult signatures or topics and finish with the easiest ones.

New Horizons student sharing with team from “Fundación Quiéreme Como Soy”

From January 11 through January 15, our students interacted with representatives from the Fundación Quiéreme Como Soy, a non-profit foundation that promotes the inclusion of people with special needs in our society. Students from Pre-Kinder through 3rd grade listened to a story about embracing diversity, overcoming obstacles and the value of unity. Students from 4th through 12th got to discuss the differences that exist among themselves, shared stories about people with special needs around them, and they committed themselves to be agents of change in our society.


CBNH celebrates its Christmas Programs

The New Horizons family celebrated with a great Christmas spirit and enthusiasm its two Christmas shows performed by the youngest students of our school population.

Our students from Preschool through 2nd grade joined together with their families to enjoy songs, dramas and fascinating characters that entertained their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and other families that joined to us celebrate the most entertaining season of the year.

The students dressed as marine animals and characters of the Dr. Seuss story. They represented the themes “Under the Sea” and “The Lorax in Christmas” and addressed the message to preserve our environment.

Chorus Presentation at Agora Mall

The central atrium in Agora Mall vibrated with excitement while our Choral group sang their first song. Our accustomed participation of our Children’s Choir members’ beautiful voices singing Christmas carols in both English and Spanish was spectacular as they stood within the Christmas tree at the plaza.

Our school academic director, Mrs. Priscilla Garrido thanked everyone that was able to be present to enjoy the artistic talent of the chorus members of our school.

The historian Mu-Kien Ben talks about the Mirabal Sisters

To commemorate Women’s International Non-Violence Day, the historian and author of the monologue “I am Minerva,” Mu-Kien Sang Ben, shared information about the heroic and courageous life of the Mirabal Sisters with our students.

The students dramatized part of the work developed in the monologue.

Girl’s Football Team achieved 1st place in Saint Thomas Sports Cup

For the second consecutive year, our girls’ Football Team achieved first place in the Saint Thomas Sports Cup, in the 9th to 12th grade category.

During the ceremony, Adriana Herrera received an award as the most valuable player. The team was also recognized for not loosing any games during the sports competition.

We would like to congratulate our athletes and their trainer Carlos Otero.

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons organizes Sports Friendship Tournament 2015

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – In order to promote sports and fair competitions among our school and other schools, New Horizons has organized the traditional Friendship Cup “Don Reynaldo Garrido”, this time for its version XXIV.

More than 20 schools in Santo Domingo and Santiago competed in the different sports of Volley Ball, Basketball, Badminton, Chess, Ping Pong, Judo and football. These competitions took place from November 10th through November 25th in the Sports Hall of the school. We also had the participation of all the Judo academies that are part of the Judo Association in the National District.

Our Sports Coordinator, Mr. Carlos Otero pointed out that the objective of this tournament is to unite the ties among the different schools and to promote sport values and establish friendship through social interaction. He also stated that  the great variety of sport disciplines offered in the tournament will allow us to appreciate the athletic talents processed by our youth in the different areas.

The tournament also integrated the participation of the Mother’s Volleyball team against other participants from team clubs.

In addition, to the different sports disciplines offered in the tournament, our school offers a variety of sports electives to students that include; Tai Chi classes, Fencing, Golf, Western Riding, Taekwondo, Rhythmic and Athletic Gymnastics and Tennis opened to the public during the afternoon in the Sports Academy of our school.

Colegio Bilingue New Horizons athletics have excelled in both national and international sports competitions like Copa Claro, Copa Progreso, Ruta Boricua in Puerto Rico among others.