New Horizons

Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons, founded in 1977, imparts all levels of education from Toddlers I (9 months) to Twelfth grade of Middle School. With 40 years of academic excellence, it offers a dual English and Spanish system and integrates French as a second language from the 5th grade.

By Lic. Priscilla Garrido
General Academic Director
New Horizons is a school where learning involves participating in creative and fun activities; offering academic excellence for 40 years at the Santo Domingo campus and 15 years in Santiago.
New Horizons was founded in June of 1977, as the first multicultural bilingual school in Santo Domingo; during these years the school has shown that our programs prepare students with a completely bilingual education (Spanish and English), reaching specialized knowledge in the areas of mathematics, science and technology. From the first group of graduates in 1986, our graduates have demonstrated exceptional abilities and skills in the university programs in which they have participated around the world, as well as they have stood out for being successful professionals in all areas of performance both in the Dominican Republic, as in the various countries in which they have decided to establish.
For 40 years, our teachers have taught many different subjects and our students have not only learned different information and skills, they have also taught us many valuable lessons. In different areas, New Horizons is very different since 1977, but the beliefs in the basic values and the advantages of multicultural dual language, international education has been maintained and deepened.
Our school year is filled with fun activities such as celebrations of cultural events including Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Family Day; many national and international sports competitions, and our Global Expo presentation. From robotics to the United Nations model and debate club, mathematics and science Olympics, journalism and reading club, Poetry Slams, choirs and Garage Band, and many more extracurricular activities, in which all students will have the opportunity to develop their interests and talents in different areas.
We extend a warm welcome to teachers, students and parents, and join us in a world of adventures and new discoveries, new experiences, and an intense search for NEW HORIZONS!!


Colegio Bilingüe New Horizons is founded upon the principles of excellence, flexibility, perseverance, and innovation. We believe that the true measure of the human spirit is determined by a person’s moral values, the responsibility of one’s actions, and the contributions to his/her community.


Educate students with an integral, bilingual, and multicultural education through a scheme of highly advanced teaching strategies and technological resources while promoting and fostering the development of flexible, independent, and confident individuals who have solid moral values, a critical conscience, and are capable of facing challenges and transforming the world around them.


To maintain New Horizons as the national leader in bilingual private education, through an open and participative environment that promotes an integral education that will benefit both students and their country.

The New Horizons Bilingual School was born with the idea of Priscilla Comer de Garrido and Reynaldo Garrido to provide a dual education, through which students learn the English and Spanish languages, reinforcing the values and customs of our country. With the aim to become leaders of Dominican bilingual education, it started in a modest rented space in México Avenue # 145, in the city of Santo Domingo, in June of 1977.
In its first school year (1977-1978) the school had levels of Early Childhood and First to Fourth of Basic Education. In 1982 the school was moved to Juan Miguel Román Street in the sector of Bella Vista. 7k
Years later, the idea of offering the same dual education in the city of Santiago was born. Since September 2003 the New Horizons Bilingual School, Santiago offers all levels of teaching from Toddlers (1 year) to Secondary.
Thanks to the hard work of an excellent group of professionals led by Lic. Priscilla Garrido and Reynaldo Garrido (until his death in 1999) today, New Horizons Santo Domingo and Santiago has more than 1,500 graduates and is the first educational institution in the country accredited by New England Association of School s and Colleges .
The achievements obtained by teachers, students and graduates of the New Horizons Bilingual School in the areas of Exact Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, Initial Education, Sports, Literature and Arts have positively impacted the entire community, increasing cooperation and healthy competence, scientific interest and self-directed learning.
Today we give thanks for all the blessings received in this long journey and of which you are part of …

Academic Direction

staff p garrido

Lic. Priscilla Garrido

General Academic Director

Irka Taveras New horizons santiago

Lic. irka Taveras

Academic Director Santiago

staff f garrido

Fauntly Garrido, M.A.

General Director

Department of Psychology

Esmeralda Canela, M. A.

Admissions Psychologist – Educational Psychologist
7mo-12mo Grado

Camila Vega Staff Nh Stgo

Lic. Camila Vega

Educational Psychologist

Toddlers – 6th Grade

Academic coordination

Joan White Staff New horizons Stgo

Lic. Joan White

English Coordinator from Toddlers to 6th grade

Ana Cattaneo

Lic. Ana Cattaneo

Science Coordinator

gerior felix

Gerior Felix, M.A.

Physics and Mathematics Coordinator

Diana Grullón Staff Nh Stgo

Lic. Diana Grullón

Early Childhood Teacher Leader

staff enmanuel a

Prof. Enmanuel Abreu

Computer Coordinator

staff patricia

Patricia Medina, M.A.

Coordinator of Spanish Language

Lic. Carlos Otero

Sports Disciplines Coordinator

Academic Support

CBNH Academic Support

Academic Director Assistant

Jenny Germosén Staff nh stgo

Lic. Jenny Germosén

Academic Director Assistant

Registration Department

Natalia Roque Staff NH Stgo

Lic. Natalia Roque

Registration Coordinator

Department of Systems and Technology

Aneudy de la Cruz

In charge of Technology and audiovisuals


Lic. Heridania Almonte

In charge of the Library

Medical Dispensary

Carmén Mullix Staff Nh Stgo

Dra. Carmen Mullix Espino

Doctoar CBNH

ILTAE – Tutoring and ELC

Diana Grullón Staff Nh Stgo

Lic. Diana Grullón

ELC Coordinator

ILTAE – Tutoring and ELC

Mary Michelle Perez Satff nh Stgo

Lic. Mary Michell Pérez

ILTAE Academic Support

The New Horizons Bilingual School is a multicultural school, with more than 40 nationalities among its students and teachers, in both campuses, so the richness of the daily routines of our classes allows our students to be individuals of global societies.
We employ a dual education system, in which the student receives simultaneous literacy in English and Spanish, opting for a third language from the 5th grade, according to new England Association of Schools and Colleges standards, an international accreditor that validates the excellence of the New Horizons academic program for more than 10 years (SD campus) and the Santiago campus since March 2017.
Upon completion of their schooling, more than 90% of our graduates achieved admission to foreign universities, with a high percentage of scholarships, thanks to special programs we offer, reaching academies in US, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.
Our institution, with 40 years of experience in the education of children since 9 months, is recognized for being at the forefront not only in its infrastructure, but also for acquiring the best technological resources, offering the best quality in its service. We have successfully participated in different national and international academic competitions, in areas such as mathematics, physics, debates, sports, computer science, United Nations Models, etc.

Growing Together
New Horizons School of Parents
Each family in New Horizons is special and needs to be valued in order to achieve the optimal development of each of its members; respecting and valuing their differences, strengths and areas of growth.
Growing Together is the school of fathers and mothers in New Horizons that aims to transmit and disseminate fundamental concepts to update and guide parents in addressing issues that will allow them to accompany their children in their growth process; fostering the adequate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development, as well as the integral education of their sons and daughters.


To be a training organization that responds to the needs and concerns of parents about the education and proper development of their children.


Accompany the parents so that they can educate their children for life, promoting the required skills and fostering a space of mutual growth, serving as fundamental support to the school.
Objectives of Growing Together
• Accompany parents so that they can play their role safely, according to each of the stages of development their children live.
• Encourage the participation and integration of parents to contribute to the educational process and consolidate the personal project of their children.
• Promote clear and direct communication between parents and children.
• Help parents to establish action plans to guide their children to reach the maximum potential of their skills and development.
• Encourage the integral education of children and young people fostered in moral, ethical and civic values.
• Provide a space for reflection so that fathers and mothers can share their daily experiences and serve as models for others.
• Bring together fathers and mothers who have similar interests and concerns, to form networks of support for the welfare of each of the families and the community.
• Promote the participation of New Horizons professionals and the community in the formative process of the parents.

Work plan

• Investigate the main concerns and needs of parents regarding the upbringing and development of their children.
• Select the suitable professionals to teach the workshops and work sections, according to the nature of each topic.
• scheduling workshops and working sections during the course of the school year
• Publish documents related to the topics of interest in the different print and digital media.
• Use a systemic approach working with children and young people the topics presented to parents.