The Alumni Association of New Horizons gives you a warm welcome.
By belonging to the Association, you will be part of an entity with the recognition and competence to promote the human, technological and professional values ​​that have instilled in us in the College, with the ability to contribute to the new challenges and challenges facing the world today.


CBNH Graduate Profile

In New Horizons we have been characterized for training people with a comprehensive, bilingual and multicultural education within a highly technical education scheme; fostering the development of flexible, independent and self-confident individuals. During our career we have instilled in the students solid moral values, encouraging teamwork, sports, arts, love of God and love of the Homeland, as a source of health and social harmony. Also, we have stood out for the successful performance of our graduates in local and foreign universities and for the obtaining in multiple consecutive years of the first places in the Olympics of Mathematics, and spelling, organized by the Ministry of Education.

At the end of the cycle of secondary education in our institution, the New Horizons graduate has enriched his skills in the following areas:

  • Communication: communicates effectively in English and Spanish; and uses French as a third language.

  • Critical thinking: understands inductive and deductive reasoning by applying it to academic situations and everyday life; and has created habits of accuracy, precision, argumentation and clarity.

  • Human relationships: has developed positive behaviors, linked to human values that make him a useful person to the community; knows how to interact effectively; and works well together.

  • Personal Growth: has set personal and professional goals and demonstrates discipline.

  • Literature: values reading; has developed his appreciation and understanding of literature; feels safe when writing his literary works; and is able to make decisions about the literature that he likes and which he does not, with reasonable arguments for these decisions.

  • Mathematics: has developed the power of abstraction and logical reasoning; is capable of producing new demonstrations by applying inductive or deductive methods; and has the ability to transform their mathematical knowledge into new situations and different fields of science and everyday life.

  •  Natural Sciences and Physics: applies scientific concepts and skills to explain events, find solutions and suggest improvements to the quality of life of humans; is interested in supporting human life and the development and care of the environment; and is able to design experiments by designing experimental control mechanisms to test their hypotheses.

  • Technology: highlight their technological skills using office tools, developing web pages and being able to perform animations, video games, applications and much more.


Outstanding Alumni