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New Horizons Artictic Education

Artistic education teachers design innovative artistic learning experiences that involve the use of technological tools and help students foster critical and research skills, as well as the development of ethical and civic values. Students are involved in artistic activities that take into consideration the study of different cultures, as well as activities that raise awareness of the community and the need to preserve and care for the environment.

The school curriculum includes a variety of art disciplines (i.e.: Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Music, Choir, and Photography) thus encompassing all students’ interests and as a mean to develop global citizens, promote skills, values, and attitudes to adapt and thrive in a global society. Students are actively involved in learning about other countries and cultures through artistic activities and cultural celebrations. This constant exposure to other cultures through varied activities (i.e., cultural fairs, flag ceremonies in honor to other countries, and artistic representations of other cultures) contributes to the development of global citizenship. Art/Music are also included in most subject areas throughout all levels and school areas.


Art (from Latin ars) is the concept that encompasses all the creations made by the human being to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary. At New Horizons, develop it through plastic, linguistic or sound resources, so that our students can express ideas, emotions, perceptions and sensations through it.



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