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Health Service at New Horizons

New Horizons offers health services provided by a certified doctor.  This unit takes care of minor health problems of students, faculty, employees, and parents during school hours. But also, responds to accidents occurring on campus or during a school-supervised activity.

Medical assistance and procedures performed at the medical unit and on school sponsored activities off-site are done following a protocol.  Procedures are recorded on a computerized system that has 24/7 digital accessibility for parents and authorized personnel through the IQ Pro App.

The doctor promotes the practice of healthy living by giving workshops and talks to students, parents, and employees concerning important health issues.  Also, a health and safety newsletter is issued to provide important information to the school community.


staff yina s

Dra. Yina Soto

staff edison g

Dr. Edison González


Health (from the Latin salus, -utis) is a state of well-being or equilibrium that can be seen at a subjective level (a human being assumes as acceptable the general state in which it is found) or at an objective level (the absence is verified of diseases or harmful factors in the subject in question). The term health is opposed to that of disease, and is the object of special attention on the part of medicine and health sciences.



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Infirmary Visits

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