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New Horizons Science Program

The New Horizons science program strives to develop the student’s critical thinking and investigation skills, while enhancing and promoting their natural curiosity. The science program can not only challenge students academically through its variety of courses, but can also enhance their ecological and social awareness through numerous class activities, lab projects, field trips, and community services.

The science program also includes college level education through some Advanced Placement (AP) courses available to those students with exceptional abilities and interest in science concepts and phenomena.

We also have ROKENBOK as an educational resource, which focuses on developing technology and applied engineering, through meaningful learning experiences for students, using STEM as a basis to motivate collaboration, creativity and problem solving based on the integration of four important areas of knowledge: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Taking care of the environment, establishing a more sustainable society, and becoming global citizens are cornerstones of the school’s mission and philosophy. To achieve this goal, the science program integrates environment and ecology into all of its courses and all grade levels. Activities such as Eco trips, coastal clean ups, reforestation, recycling, and urban gardening are used to ground the student into this mindset.

As proof of the school’s commitment to the environment, NH is decreasing its Ecological Footprint by installing solar panel arrays that will eliminate metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


Science: Branch of human knowledge constituted by the set of objective and verifiable knowledge on a specific subject that are obtained through observation and experimentation, the explanation of its principles and causes and the formulation and verification of hypotheses and is characterized, in addition, by the use of an adequate methodology for the object of study and the systematization of knowledge.



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