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Sports at New Horizons

Our physical education program is based on the principle of innovation, which is stated in our school philosophy. This program promotes the integral development of our students through sports activities and teamwork. It promotes confidence, self-discipline, a healthy sense of competition and the development of motor skills through different kind of gymnastic routines and sports disciplines.

Students at the Early Childhood level learn skills that promote the development of their gross and fine motor skills, according to their development at each stage. Students from 1st to 12th grade can choose between the different sports elective offered by the school in which they wish to participate (badminton, volleyball, basketball, chess, soccer, rhythmic gymnastics, and artistic gymnastics).

The physical education program has a clearly articulated vision of quality learning and defined practices that support student achievement. In congruence with the school’s vision, the physical education program seeks to cultivate the thirst for leadership in students in their disciplines. The physical education program is vivid and dynamic. The physical education coordinator, principals, assistant principals and teachers have designed a calendar with a wide amount of sport activities and tournaments where our students apply skills acquired through the program in competitions against in-house teams or intercollegiate tournaments.

Grand Prix Futsal 2018

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The sport is an activity or regulated physical exercise, usually of a competitive nature, that can improve the physical condition of those who practice it, and also has properties that differentiate it from the game.



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