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Technology program at New Horizons

At New Horizons, we remain in a constant process to stay ahead with our technology curriculum, because we understand the need to promote logical thinking in our children at early ages. We are pioneers in the Dominican Republic of the initiative to bring the basic principles of programming to Early Childhood students through programs such as and Apple for Education.

At higher levels, the school encourages computer literacy through the certification programs of Microsoft Technology Associate, which cover technical concepts in the areas of programming, networking, and databases.  These certification programs evaluate the knowledge of the students and validate their expertise as technicians.

CBNH understands that technology education is useful for reading, writing, mathematics, drawing, music, knowledge of natural phenomena, and appreciation of history. This makes our program attractive to children and teenagers and gives them the tools to use office automation tools, develop web pages, animations, games, applications, and more.


Technology is the science applied to solving specific problems. It constitutes a set of scientifically ordered knowledge, which allows to design and create goods or services that facilitate the adaptation to the environment and the satisfaction of the essential needs and desires of humanity.



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