Elementary School


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Our Program

The Elementary level’s main focus is the individual student in relation to their peers, their community, their country, and the world, providing the tools for student ownership and control of their learning process.

In the Elementary level, strong caring relationships and very high levels of collaboration among students and staff is highly valued. Project based learning enhancing the student learning and finding solutions to real problems is highly encouraged. In elementary, enjoyment is an essential part of the teaching and learning process making interactions fun and exciting.

The Elementary level is made up of four different levels:
• First grade: 6 years
• Second grade: 7 years
• Third grade: 8 years
• Fourth grade: 9 years
• Fifth grade: 10 years
• Sixth grade: 11 years

New Horizons Experience

English and Spanish Reading Clubs:  students meet once a week after school to read and discuss books of their choice.

Mini Estrellas Club:  Students plan and implement community outreach program to help a good cause.

Soccer Teams: our teams compete in major intercollegiate local and international tournaments.

Eco Club: students meet once a week to discuss and find solutions to environmental issues around our school and the community.